What to Expect from Your Appointment

Prior to your Initial Visit

Once your initial visit has been scheduled you will receive forms via email that will need to be filled out prior to your visit. Gathering as much information as possible allows us to serve you better, so please allow yourself plenty of time prior to your first appointment to complete the forms in their entirety.

Your First Visit

Your initial consultation will likely take a full hour! During that time we will review your intake forms, review your health concerns and symptoms, and discuss your health goals. We will discuss healing modalities that would serve you best and review additional testing that might be of benefit. We will work together to develop a healing plan that’s individualized to your needs.

Your Second Visit

During your second visit, we will review a comprehensive wellness plan, based upon the information provided in your intake forms, as well as the information gathered during your initial visit. Additionally, any laboratory testing results will be reviewed and taken into account. I will make recommendations regarding lifestyle, dietary and nutritional changes as well healing modalities that would promote holistic health and wellness.

Please note: Laboratory testing results may delay your second visit. Once your results are available please contact the office.

It is important to remember I am a holistic health practitioner, and not a physician. I evaluate, recommend and facilitate natural wellness based consultations, and in doing so suggest dietary, lifestyle and nutritional supplement changes for the purpose of enhancing holistic health and wellness. I do not diagnose, treat or prescribe.

If you have any additional questions regarding your visit, please give us a call at: 972-850-8825

New Patient Forms

Client Intake Form
Client Contract
Consultant Agreement
Food Allergy and Sensitivity Pre-screening
GEMA Lifecare Agreement
Office and Online Payment Information