Allergy and Food Sensitivity Consulting

  • 60 Minute Holistic Health Consultation

  • Allergy and Food Sensitivity – 8 Week Program

    What is included in this program:

    • Cerascreen Extensive Food Intolerance and Allergy Test
    • Everlywell Environmental Allergy Test
    • Three one-on-one phone sessions over the duration of the course
    • Weekly question and answer calls and support
    • Weekly journaling and food sensitivity tracking tools
    • Cross Reactivity Resources
    • Plus all materials and access to online classes
    • Access to Private Facebook Group and resources
    *Coming soon is a Food Allergy and Sensitivity dashboard and library For more information about this program, please contact Dr. Clark and set up a pre-screening call to see if this program is right for you.
  • 60 Minute Allergy & Food Sensitivity Consultation